“Smart City”International College Students Invitational Competition NOTIFICATION NO.1

“Smart City”International College Students Invitational Competition NOTIFICATION NO.1


The tournament is jointly hosted by the Student Affairs Division of Tongji University,Humanities and Social Science Information Network of Tongji University, the International School of Tongji University, the College of Electronic and Information Engineering, and the College of Transportation Engineering. And it is fully supported by Arconic Foundation, America.


The city is the base of scientific and technological innovation and the center of information exchange, which embodies the civilization of a society or region. However, with the large-scale urbanization, population expansion, traffic congestion, serious pollution and a series of problems also come. The innovative development and future of today’s cities require a new generation of city leaders who are not only equipped with excellent scientific and technological knowledge, but also who understand that in a highly globalized world, when technology is applied to society, it can create a better city life for mankind. The competition sincerely invites college students from home and abroad to participate in the design of new urban schemes.

II.Work Content

1. Scope of topics

The entries range from new concepts, technologies and products of smart cities. Participants may revolve around cultural heritage, wisdom, wisdom, government, transportation, wisdom of the people’s livelihood security, education wisdom, wisdom, health and other theme, give full play to their ability to innovate, found the problem, ask questions and gather frontier, sharp and practice problem, jointly tracking the latest development dynamic city, explore the new horizon, create the new connotation of the public policy.

2. Format

It is divided into two stages, such as preliminary and final.

(1) preliminary

The preliminary competition will be judged online. Judging experts will give a reasonable score according to the novel degree of the works provided online, the degree of their fit with smart city, the economic and social value and the specific performance of the works. Students are invited to submit their works through the official email address of the competition. The panel of judges will review the works online and determine the final list.

(2) the final

The final will be presented in person or online (depending on the situation of the outbreak). The finalists will present and explain their works on the spot (or online), and answer the questions of the expert committee members. The expert committee of the competition will evaluate and score the final works according to the score of the preliminary competition and the onsite defense of the contestants.


1. Data analysis: needing both pictures and texts, reflecting the use of survey methods.

2. Report content: truthful, clear-cut and never published publicly.

3. Word number and type setting:

A. Text is limited in principle to about 1000 words (excluding references and appendices), if necessary, the number of words can be increased;

B. An abstract and key words of about 500 words are required before the text;

C. Report format is unified as A4, with a white background. The text is in font No. 5 and the tables and graphics are in font No. 6. Page settings and layout style are self-determined. Your front cover should include research topic, participating students, instructor, institution and date.

IV.Schedule and Rules            

September 1, 2021 – October 20, 2021: Enrollment, Work preparation and submission

October 20, 2021 – October 30, 2021: Preliminary review

October 30, 2021: Preliminary results announcement

November 30, 2021: The final

V.Qualification and Work Declaration

1.All officially registered domestic and foreign university students 

(undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students) can participate in the tournament.

2.Students can submit their entries and works by sending emails. After the deadline for submitting the project, the instructor, participants and contents of the project cannot be adjusted or modified. The teams entering the final can make necessary additions and expansions during their presentations and defenses while the core content of the project remains unchanged.

3.Students participate in teams, with no more than 5 persons each team, and with clear sort and internal division of work. Authors from different institutions are allowed to join in one team, taking the first author’s institution as the participating unit. The organizing committee encourages cross-disciplinary teams to join.

4.The participated works should be original and have no intellectual property disputes.

5.Your team can declare instructors, and each work can declare a maximum of 2 instructors, which will be sorted in the declaration order.

VI.Work Submission

1. Method: Send information of the team and article to 17025[at]tongji.edu.cn

2. Deadline: October 20, 2021

For other matters, see Notification No.2 (supplementary notifications will follow).

Contact email: 17025[at]tongji.edu.cn

Contact person: Shi Yue

Telephone number: 021-65983393









① 初赛


② 决赛










2021年9月1日-2021年10月20日 —— 大赛报名,作品准备、提交

2021年10月20日-2021年10月30日 —— 初赛评审

2021年10月30日 —— 初赛公示

2021年11月30日 —— 决赛















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